If you are new to composting or if you want to improve your current compost heap then here are some great tips.

Buy a Compost Bin

If you are not the type to build a compost heap then you get a compost bin. You are able to get them in all sizes and you can get compact ones that are ideal for smaller gardens and yards.

The Perfect Spot for Your Compost Bin

Your compost bin is best in an area that is level and has good drainage so that excess water will drain away. This is will also help worms to get in and out.

The Worms do the Hard Work

The perfect waste disposal unit is the simple worm. They are able to live their whole lives in dark, moist area like a compost heap. They eat up the waste that you put in and turn it into liquid feed and compost.

Putting the Right Stuff In


Good items for composting are fruit waste, vegetable peels, grass cutting and plant prunings. These are items are fast to break down and provide moisture and nitrogen.

You can also include items like fallen leaves, paper and cardboard egg boxes. These do take longer to decompose but provide fiber and carbon.

The Wrong Stuff to Put In

You should never put any meat or dairy products in your compost bin. Also do not put in any diseased plants, cat litter, animal waste or nappies in. avoid composting any perennial weeds or weeds with seed heads. Plastics, glass and metals are also not suitable for composting and should be recycled separately.

The Right Balance

Good compost is getting the right mix. You need to keep your browns and greens balanced. If your compost is too wet then add more browns and if it is too dry add greens. There also needs to be enough air, which you can add my including scrunched up bits of cardboard as creates air pockets.

A Good Airing

Compost heaps need regular turning. You can buy special tools for this that have long handles. Turning compost helps to aerate it and mix up the waste for faster composting.

The Best from your Compost

When your compost is ready it will have a dark brown or almost black soil layer at the bottom of the bin. The texture should be spongy. Soil quality is improved when the finished compost is spread over flowerbeds as it helps to suppress weeds and retain moisture.

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