10 Plants to Grow in Your Veggie Garden

Do you want to know what plants you can grow in your veggie garden? Take a look at these best plants to grow.

veggie garden



Buckwheat is a multipurpose plant that is often used as a green manure as it is able to shade out weeds and produces a lot of green material that will enrich the soil.

Buckwheat is an easy grain to grow and can be used in a salad.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be grown in different areas, are nutritious, delicious and can be stored. You will need to have a light sandy soil and good drainage to grow them.


Blueberry plants are more attractive than others. The plant produces berries and turns red in autumn. Blueberries are also healthy and provide many antioxidants. You will need an acidic soil, but you are able to find blueberries for all climates.


The Amaranth plant is very pretty, usually honey gold or a deep orange with green leaves. The leaves can be cooked and eaten. Amaranth is an easy grain to grow and can be popped like popcorn and eaten as a cereal.


Chickpeas are nutritious and are able to handle the frost and the heat.


Beets are high in folate and good for you in a number of ways. They can be stored well and are great for salads and cooking. If you are not a big fan of beets try roasting them with salt and pepper or puree them with ginger and apples.


Flax can be grown in your flowerbed and is a wonderful blue. Even though this plant looks great, you really want to grow flax for the seeds. Flaxseed oils are almost half omega 3 fatty acids. You can add flaxseed to your baked goodies and to cooking.


Popcorn is suitable for home gardens and you are able to find dwarf varieties that produce a good yield. You can grind popcorn for flour or pop it for food.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans have less protein than soybeans, but they do yield more and they are close to soy in terms of total protein.


Once rhubarb is established it is able to tolerate any growing conditions. Rhubarb is delicious but you will have to sweeten it quite a bit. You can avoid sugar by using apple juice, stevia or pureed cooked beets.