Why You Should Start A Fruit and Vegetable Garden

When you grow your own fruit and veg, you will have access to fresh ingredients that you can use to create fresh and delicious meals. Here are some great reasons why you should start a fruit and vegetable garden.



Controlling Your Own Crops

When you choose to grow your fruit and veg, you have control over what ends up on your plate. You also get to choose the fertilizer, water and the pest control you want to use or if you prefer to grow an organic garden.

The Freshness

There is nothing better than fresh picked fruit and vegetables. After produce has been picked, it starts to lose moisture and nutrients. When you grow your own produce though, you know when it has been picked and how fresh it is.

Give Your Garden Life

A fruit and vegetable garden adds life, beauty and color to your garden. You will love to watch your plants grow, smell sweet strawberries and see a cucumber crisp on a warm day.

Spend Less

A big advantage of growing your own fruit and vegetables is that you save money. Seeds are not that expensive and are definitely cheaper than buying fruit and veg at a store.

A Family Hobby

Gardening is fun and a great activity for your whole family to get involved with. Kids can get their hands dirty and become involved with the produce that they eat. Having your own fruit and veg garden starts from plating the seeds to making a salad.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to our health and going into the garden every day for just 30 minutes will promote positive energy and better sleep. Just don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.

There are plenty of benefits to growing your own fruit and vegetable garden. You will have the choice of how you want your garden, whether you want to go organic and also what to plant. You can keep the garden seasonal and grow different produce throughout the year. The whole family can get involved with creating a fruit and vegetable garden and you will reap the benefits.